Principles of Pain Free Back Bending Online Video


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Get one year of unlimited online access to the Principles of Pain Free Back Bending streaming video.

Back-bending doesn’t have to hurt!

Principles of Pain-Free Back-bending is a video all about how to deepen your experience of backbends in a safe way. In this video we break down different backbends, all expertly demonstrated by Jelena Vesic, into their basic elements of alignment. While many of the backbends we teach will apply to Ashtanga, it is appropriate for yoga practitioners of any kind.

In this video you will learn:

  • The role the legs play in a pain-free back-bend
  • How to engage the bandha’s and position the hips for optimal low back support
  • The action of the ribs in a correct back-bend
  • And how the shoulders should be positioned in different back-bends

You do NOT have to be naturally flexible in order to enjoy the benefits of back bending. These principles will teach you the fundamentals of how to back-bend safely and more deeply.


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