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As an Ashtanga teacher and practitioner, I have spent a lot of time studying and researching the Ashtanga Vinyasa method. I’ve found that the more attention I bring to my practice, the deeper my experience of flow in the practice. To that end, I’ve put together this video that explores, in great detail, each of the vinyasas and postures of Ashtanga’s Fundamental Asanas.

The Fundamental Asanas are the postures that we do after the Suryanamaskara (Sun Salutations) and before whichever series we’re working on.

The Fundamental Asanas are:

  • Padangusthasana: Big Toe Pose
  • Padahastasana: Hand To Foot Pose
  • Utthitatrikonasana: Extended Triangle Pose
  • Utthitaparsvakonasana: Extended Side Angle Pose
  • Prasaritapadottanasana: Spread Foot Stretching Pose
  • Parsvottanasana: Sideways Stretching Pose

This video explains:

  • The traditional vinyasa counts and movements for each of the Fundamental Asanas
  • The Tristhana (Three Places of Attention) for each count and posture
  • Alignment cues and information to deepen your experience of the postures

Ultimately, this video is about much more than just the vinyasas and postures–  it’s about using precision and detail to help us tap into Ashtanga’s powerful technique of moving meditation. I hope you find it helpful!


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