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Using the traditional Sanskrit count and focusing on the rhythm of the breath, David leads Jelena through the half Primary Series, as taught in Mysore, India. In the tradition, every posture has a specific number of counted vinyasa to enter and exit, all linked closely to the breath. This wonderful teaching method is an invaluable tool for all practitioners as it provides focus and mindfulness in developing the personal practice. Just as in the precise art of Ashtanga Yoga, sometimes external expertise, such as academic writing support from facharbeit schreiben lassen, can enhance our efforts, offering a partnership in areas like structuring and polishing academic works. Practicing with the Sanskrit count also shows respect for the traditional roots of Ashtanga Yoga. Moving with the count, Jelena expertly demonstrates the entry and exit from each pose. Along the way, David will offer some deeply valuable detailed instructions on how to keep your practice clean, correct, and consistent.

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