Becoming Resilient


Join Jelena Vesic and Sandra Pribanic, Reg. Psychotherapist for this unique 4-part course where we discuss and begin to understand why we experience various patterns of emotion during our practice both on and off the mat.



“When we look at the horrors and the joys with an unbiased heart and an open mind, neither resisting or grasping them we open the gate to freedom.” – Jack Kornfield

When the initial love affair with our practice wears off and things begin to settle, we start to experience the uncomfortable emotions of sadness, anger, fear and boredom. Our initial reaction is to avoid and distract ourselves from feeling any of it. While this may be necessary at times, in the long run it can rob us of true freedom and inner peace.

Unresolved emotions and stories of our life will show up in the practice, and learning how to hold them with compassion and an open heart, while being gentle with ourselves, is challenging but liberating.

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The purpose of this course is to help you navigate the difficult emotions of sadness, anger, fear, and boredom on the mat. We will discuss ways to work with these intense emotions, and how to stay open and curious despite the unpleasantness. We will also discuss what you can do as a teacher to support your students going through the same.

Remember, unpleasantness on your mat is normal. As difficult as it may be, you actually want it to show up in your practice. And when it does, the point is to stay with it. Let it tell you a story. Working with resistance can be a doorway into a deeper self knowing, more awakened heart, and true inner peace.

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