Ashtanga Morning Show


(re) Establishing your daily practice with David Robson



Starting your day with a sunrise practice sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? If you’re feeling drawn to get back into it or to try for the first time, this is your chance!

Join David Robson for the Ashtanga Morning Show! In this new course you’re encouraged to practice early each morning which will help build a routine that will lead to vibrant health and a peaceful mind. Each class will build off the one prior. If you’re new to Ashtanga this is the perfect way to learn the foundational elements of the Ashtanga Yoga Method. If you already have an established practice, you can begin with the daily class then continue through the rest of your practice afterward.

In choosing to take this course you’ll find that building new habits and an early morning routine can be fun and easy with David’s expert guidance.

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