5 Days to Float

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Have you ever seen someone floating through sun salutations and think, I could never do that? Well, we’re here to show you that it IS possible! Yes – for everyone.

There are simple and accessible techniques that we teach to students of all levels so they can begin to find more gracefulness in their movements.

Join this exciting new course, 5 Days to Float.

In this course we break down each movement into bitesize steps that will help guide you to floating. Through taking this time to learn these actions, you’ll begin to understand how to make each movement more fluid and graceful.

What we share comes from our more than 30 years of combined teaching and practice experience. However new you are to this, know that we’ve taught students just like you how to do this. And that’s the key! Floating is not an elusive or special movement that only some can do. With the right technique (and a lot of practice) we believe anyone can do this.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start floating!

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1 review for 5 Days to Float

  1. Juan Jose Reyes (verified owner)

    Great course!. David and Jelena are excellent teachers. The information was well presented and accessible to all levels of yoga. I learned so much in this course that I highly recommend it.

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