Women & Bandhas

Bandhas can be a very elusive, confusing and often misunderstood concept for yoga practitioners.
If you have ever felt like you just don’t understand what to engage or
how...this is for you!

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What You'll Learn In This Course


This course is a fascinating 3 lesson exploration of the bandhas from a woman’s anatomical perspective. 

For more than a decade, Jelena has been practicing and teaching Ashtanga Yoga. During this time she’s developed a deep understanding of the specific bandha engagements and actions that are unique to women’s bodies.

Over the course of these 3 sessions, Jelena will share her knowledge and teach you specific exercises that will help you find more buoyancy and lightness in your Ashtanga practice.

To compliment Jelena’s teachings, she is joined by guest experts join her to discuss the bandhas and pelvic floor from both a medical and psychological perspective.
Disclaimer: Sensitive topics such as miscarriages, abortions, sexual abuse, etc may be discussed.

This course is pre-recorded.
Students will have LIFETIME access to all recordings and course materials.

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Course Dates

Lesson One


Jelena introduces and explains the concept and practice of bandhas in Ashtanga Yoga. Using meditations, exercises and applied techniques, Jelena will thoroughly explore what is involved for women in activating and maintaining the Mula (Root) and Uddiyana (Lifting Up) Lock in your Ashtanga Sadhana.

Lesson Two

A Medical Perspective

Jelena is joined by gynecologist Anna Parzyńska in a deep physiological exploration of what is involved in the contraction of bandhas for women. Periods, pregnancy and other events’ role in practice are discussed.

Lesson Three

A Psychotherapist Perspective

Registered psychotherapy practitioner and trainer Sandra Pribanić joins Jelena to discuss psychological and spiritual ideas around bandhas and their role in practice.

About our Speakers

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Jelena Vesić
Jelena first came to yoga through dance. As a former ballet dancer of 16 years, the structure and rigour of the Ashtanga Yoga practice felt like home. Drawn to the discipline, mindfulness of the movement and emphasis on the breath, Jelena made the Ashtanga practice her sole focus in 2009.


Dr. Anna Parzyńska
Dr. Anna is a Gynecologist who's been working with women for the past 10 years.  Recently she's decided to give her whole heart to support women in Poland fighting for abortion rights.
She's be a dedicated Ashtanga practitioner for the past 4 years.

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Sandra Pribanić

Sandra is a Registered Psychotherapist and Ashtanga practitioner based in Toronto, Ontario.  Her approach is holistic, and integrates body centered psychotherapy, neuroscience and mindfulness.