Women and Bandhas

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This course is a fascinating 3 day exploration of the bandhas from a woman’s anatomical perspective.



For more than a decade, Jelena has been practicing and teaching Ashtanga Yoga. During this time she’s developed a deep understanding of the specific bandha engagements and actions that are unique to women’s bodies. In this course, Jelena shares her knowledge and teaches you specific exercises that will help you find more buoyancy and lightness in your Ashtanga practice.

To compliment Jelena’s teachings, she’s joined by guest experts to discuss the bandhas and pelvic floor from both a medical and psychological perspective.

Due to the scope of this course it will be open only to those who identify as women.

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3 reviews for Women and Bandhas

  1. Marina Majinski (verified owner)

    This course was so, so helpful for my body, mind, soul and overall wellbeing. Being apart of a powerful online women’s circle felt like the closest connection ever. I’ve learned how to connect with bandhas but most importantly how to connect more strongly with a woman inside of me. How to love and celebrate that…Every moment. Jelena, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this possible for us. Thank you Anna and Sandra. Thank you for being honest and for unlocking more honesty inside of myself. Looking forward to learn more from you! Beyond greatful. XO
    Marina Majinski

  2. Jessica Murphy (verified owner)

    Women and Bandhas couldn’t have come at a better time! Right when I (and probably countless others) needed this course, Jelena, Sandra, and Anna came through and offered all women and those who identify as such a forum to find, explore, and connect with their pelvic floors and with yoginis around the world. Kat, the excellent moderator and tech support person, did a remarkable job filtering question and letting women’s voices be heard. My only regret is that the course wasn’t longer as there was so much to cover in only three sessions. Nonetheless, I learned a lot, and you will too…if you sign up! Thank you all.

  3. Giovanna Phillips (verified owner)

    This course was invaluable, as a woman, yoga teacher and Ashtanga student I am so grateful to Jelena, Anna, Sandra & Kat for sharing their in depth knowledge, passion and experience of this practice in relation to Bandhas for women from different perspectives. Thank you for creating such a wonderful safe space for women from around the world to come together and share our experiences, ask questions and learn from each other. This course has helped to answer so many questions i had about my practice as a woman and has given me a deeper understanding and connection of Bandhas in my practice. I am so greatful to Jelena for bring these wonderful women together and i feel so blessed to have been apart of such a large gathering of women, I am looking forward to the next one! Much love & light Giovanna <3 <3 <3

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