Build a Better Jump Back




Have you ever seen someone floating through a jump back vinyasa and think, “I will never do that?” Well, we’re here to show you that it IS possible! Yes - for everyone.

There are simple and accessible techniques that we teach to students of all levels so they can begin to find more lift and lightness in their jump backs.

In this course we’ll break down the elusive jumpback movement into progressions that will help guide you to finding more strength and fluidity. Through taking this time to learn a few fundamental techniques, you’ll begin to understand how to jump back with more ease.

What we’ll be sharing comes from our more than 30 years of combined teaching and practice experience. However new you are to this, know that we’ve taught students just like you how to do this. And that’s the key! Jumping Back is not an inaccessible or special movement that only some can do. With the right technique (and a lot of practice) we believe anyone can do this.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s Build Your Better Jump Back!

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