Improve Your Alignment!


There's much more to alignment than straight lines.  If you're eager to dive deep into alignment and gain a better understanding of how to correct alignment as a student and/or as a teacher, this course will be beyond valuable for you.

Join David and Jelena for this 9 lesson course exploring the anatomy and alignment of Ashtanga’s Primary and Intermediate Series postures.

During each class we'll explore a group of postures with a focus on proper alignment, misalignment and healthy modifications.

Are you interested in learning more about:

  • The coordinates and conditions for specific Ashtanga Yoga asanas?
  • An approach to alignment that guarantees health and longevity in your practice?
  • The rules of functional anatomy that inform all asanas?

If so, you'll definitely want to join us for this course!


Student Reviews

“Ashtangi’s – these are your people! From beginner to very experienced, this program is for everyone who comes wanting to learn, explore and laugh every session. You will leave each session eager to take a lesson or another element and apply it to your practice with great results. You will learn that its OK to not be perfect right away, that the practice is a journey and how to enjoy it more thoroughly. David and Jelena are excellent teachers who demonstrate dedication, diligence, patience and a sense of humor. The quality of your practice will be enhanced." - Deb (Learn to Count 2020 Student)

If you think that shala is the only place where you can learn Ashtanga yoga, you are wrong. Jelena and David are inspiring and dedicated teachers. Thanks to them and their energy, you can improve or even learn Ashtanga from your home. The explanations of asana movements are precise; the tips and hints are so helpful. It is the shala experience at your own home that I highly recommend for all Ashtangis but the newbies as well.” -Enita (Primary Series Asana Essentials Student)

It was amazing to finally be able to take this course with David and Jelena. They have assembled a full curriculum with amazing teachers to take you deeper into your own understanding of the practice and to give you the confidence to share this knowledge with others. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to deepen their practice, strengthen their teaching, or looking to connect more deeply to the lineage of Ashtanga Yoga.” - CJ (Assisting School Online Student)



LESSON 1: Sun Salutations
Postures Covered: Samasthiti / Same Standing Pose, Chaturanga Dandasana / Four Limbed Staff Pose, Urdhvamukha Svanasana / Upward Facing Dog Pose, Adhomukha Svanasana / Downward Facing Dog Pose, Utkatasana / Uneven Pose, Virabhadrasana A / Warrior Pose

LESSON 2: Standing/Fundamental Poses
Postures Covered: Padangusthasana / Big Toe Pose, Padahastasana / Hand to Foot Pose, Utthitahasta Padangusthasana /  Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose, Utthita Trikonasanas / Extended Triangle Poses, Utthita Parsvakonasanas / Extended Side Angle Poses, Prasaritta Padottanasanas / Wide Legged Forward Bend Poses, Parsvottanasana / Side Bend Pose

LESSON 3: Forward Bends
Postures Covered: Postures to be covered: Dandasana / Staff Pose, Pascimattanasana / West Stretch Pose, Tiriangmukhaikapadapascimattanasana / Three Limbs Facing One Leg Pose, Krounchasana / Heron Pose, Janusirsasanas /  Head to Knee Poses, Maricyasana A & B / Sage Poses, Upavistakonasana / Seated Angle Pose

LESSON 4: Hips & Lotus
Postures Covered: Ardhabaddhapadmapascimattansana / Half Bound Lotus West Stretch Pose,  Kurmasana and Suptakurmasana / Tortoise and Reclined Tortoise, Baddhakonasana / Bound Angle Pose, Ekapasasirsasana & Dwipadasirsasana / One & Two Legs Behind the Head Pose

LESSON 5: Twists
Postures Covered: Maricyasana C & D / Sage Poses, Pasasana / Noose Pose, Bharadvajasana / Bharadvaja’s Pose, Ardhamatsyendrasana / Half Lord of the Fish Pose, Parighasana / Gate Pose, Supta Urdhvapadavajrasana / Reclined Upward Foot Thunderbolt Pose

LESSON 6: Party Mix
Postures Covered: Garbhapindasana / Baby in the Womb Pose, Suptakonasana / Reclined Angle, Setubandhasana / Bridge Configuration Pose, Mayurasana / Peacock Pose, Nakrasana / Peacock Pose, Vatayanasana / Horse Pose, Gomukhasana / Cow Face Pose

LESSON 7: Jumpbacks
Postures Covered: Suryanamaskara / Sun Salutations, Jumpbacks and Jumpthroughs,  Bhujapidasana / Arm Pressure Pose, Bakasanas / Crow Poses, Tittibhasana / Insect Pose, Pinchamayurasana / Feather of the Peacock Pose, Karandavasana / Duck Pose

LESSON 8: Backbends
Postures Covered: Salabhasana / Locust Pose, Bhekasana / Frog Pose, Dhanurasana / Bow Pose, Ustrasana / Camel Pose, Laghuvajrasana / Little Thunderbolt Pose, Kapotasana / Pigeon Pose

LESSON 9: Inversions
Postures Covered: Salambasarvangasana / Shoulder Stand, Halasana / Plough Pose, Urdhvapadmasana / Upward Lotus Pose, Baddha & Mukta Hasta Sirsasanas / Bound & Facing Hands Headstands + Udhvadhanurasana / Upward Wheel, Dropbacks


Whether you're new to yoga or are a seasoned practitioner, there will be helpful information for everyone that will transform your practice, no matter where you are in your practice journey.

So what are you waiting for - sign up today for this fun and interesting 9 lesson course all about Ashtanga Asana Alignment!

This course is live archive course (pre-recorded)

Students will have LIFETIME access to the course.
As this is a digital product, there are no refunds once purchased.


Course Investment $297 USD

About David and Jelena

DR Bio

David Robson is a practitioner and teacher of Ashtanga Yoga, in the tradition of Sharath Yoga Centre (SYC). David is the director of the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Toronto, where he leads one of the world’s largest Mysore programs outside of India.

David began a daily practice in 1998 while at university studying Comparative Religion. After graduating, David made his first trip to Mysore, India in 2002, where he initiated studies with his teacher Sharath Jois. Since then he has returned to Mysore annually to deepen and enrich his practice and teaching.

In 2007, David was Authorized to teach Ashtanga and now holds a level 2 authorization.


Jelena first came to yoga through dance. As a former ballet dancer of 16 years, the structure and rigour of the Ashtanga Yoga practice felt like home. Drawn to the discipline, mindfulness of the movement and emphasis on the breath, Jelena made the Ashtanga practice her sole focus in 2009.

Jelena has maintained a daily Ashtanga practice for over a decade. She’s made two trips to Mysore, India to study with her teacher, Sharath Jois.

Lastly, Jelena’s true passion lies in promoting rescue and adoption of (street) dogs. You can often find her sharing her love for #adoptdontshop on her IG, and sharing the joys of living with her two fur-babies, Boksoon and Khani, both celebrities in their own right.