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This method is an invaluable tool for all yogis as it provides the technique and guidance you need when developing and progressing your personal practice. Plus, get the key practice hacks that will allow you to keep your practice clean, correct and consistent.

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Our exclusive Ashtanga Blueprint Map is only available through this offer. With this invaluable tool you’ll get all of the tips, tricks and insider hacks for correcting your alignment to find more progress in your practice sooner.


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When you don’t have direction it can seem impossible to move further in your practice. The key to getting better is having the right guidance when you need it. With this pass, you’ll have all the tools you need to get where you want to be in your practice.


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Practicing on your own can lead to unnecessary injuries. Master how to overcome, and even prevent injuries from happening. You’ll understand the correct alignment to keep you moving forward and not backward in your practice.


As a beginner, I am learning so much from your pointers and feel like I will continue on my progression towards the harder poses and more frequent practice. This video has brought me so much joy and calmness.


Ellen McCole

You Too Can Use This System To Tap Into Your Potential!


Marc Robben

“Before I started practicing with David & Jelena I had no idea how to get into any Asana. They teach in a warm, entertaining and simple way. Thank you!!”



“I enrolled instinctively, I knew very little about the work of David and Jelena, now I can say that they are two professionals and with a great team alongside! I loved every lesson and every very precious teaching! Grazie Mille.”


Enim nam

“If you want to know in depth the obstacles of the practice, reinforce your teachings and connect in a deep ashtanga practice I highly recommend it!”



“The Mysore practice is new to me, but David and Jelena have been amazing teachers. I have learned more in my few weeks here then probably anywhere else.”



“David & Jelena are such awesome teachers, helping you lay strong foundations for a healthy Ashtanga practice to grow. I am so grateful for the valuable insights I have been able to gain, it has helped me so much, thank you!”



“These have given me the opportunity to have a deeper insight into the matter. It has also given me the opportunity to maintain a regularity but also a certain motivation for my own practice, even to develop it. I can tell you, it is also for a 53-year-old, very stiff ex triathlete very fun! The manner and precision with which the courses are prepared and given are remarkable to me.”



“I’ve grown so much with these too, it’s almost ridiculous.”


Euismod malesuada

“I’ve taken all of David and Jelena’s online courses. Much like the rest, this one didn’t disappoint. I loved looking at the details and intricacies of all the poses and hearing the combined wisdom and knowledge that D&J eagerly and generously impart with their students. They make each session so fun and informative! I’m so glad I joined.”


Audrey Leclair

“After practicing with you guys I’m now able to do almost all the poses of the first series. I’m so grateful!”


Regina Wang

“Knowledgeable, professional and super friendly!”


Nika Arbabzadeh Broujeni

“I can say after three months now that practicing ashtanga yoga everyday has changed my life! For the better. :)”


Lily Herbold

“Thank you so much for helping me and the entire community to live and learn yoga. It’s been an amazing journey and I can’t wait for the next chapter with you guys.”


Ludmila Domakhina

“The best yoga in the world. :)”

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